"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

- Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings
"You Stay the Same Through the Ages"

4 weeks into my Senior Year. I like it. It's... still highschool, but it's been going good.

I've been like... overly emotional lately. I don't really know what it is.

It makes me sad that I don't ever see or hear from my older siblings anymore. I miss them so much.

But, the point of this blog is to say one thing really: God doesn't change.

I was talking with some friends and we were talking about beliefs about different stuff and they said that things were different when the Bible was written. And that times were different. They were trying to justify why things can be okay now, even though the Bible, and God, says they aren't. But, honestly, saying that belittles God. We're basically constraining him to time and OUR culture and how things are now. That's like saying He isn't mighty enough to be outside of time and that He doesn't really know what He's talking about when He makes commandments. But that's not true! And I thank God that isn't! God does not work on our time, nor does he change his mind or goes back on his word. He is all powerful and all knowing. He doesn't change!!

And honestly, that point I just made is the only thing that's (okay, maybe not the only thing...) helping me accept all the change that's going on at church. It's a lot. And a lot of it is good and I'm excited. But, things are just... different. And I've heard others complain that they don't like it and stuff, which I kinda understand, but I don't like it when people turn from the church because they don't like the events. (Or, turn from God completely. It's okay to move churches). Quit basing your spiritual growth off lights, sermons, pastors, music, and stuff! I mean, all that is good and helps it, but if that's the reason you go... I don't know, ask God to strip you from legalism. (And trust me, I'm speaking to myself as well.) God is still the same. We are still worshiping the same God! Which should be a big reason we go to church. I mean, fellowship is a main reason to actually go to the church building, but.. I don't know. I think I'm saying it right.

But one thing that really-I don't know if hurt is the right word, but saddens me is the fact that we aren't going to have video team this year. At least, I don't think. Most of the people who were on video team are either a) at college b) not at church anymore or c) I have no idea where they are. And we don't really have any one to film/edit. It just... made me really sad because I loved video team! So much. And I don't know where I'll be serving this year in ministry because I really felt that God wanted me to be in video team. And I mean, it can be a new season where God is calling me somewhere else. But I don't know where. And it just saddens me. I'm going to miss it so much.