"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

- Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings
Good Weekend

It was fun fun fun!

I'm kinda stressing about NHS applications. Like, I pretty much have everything written out, I just need to get the signatures. But, I don't really want to get the signatures, you know? Something about going to people and being like, "remember that thing I did 3 years ago? Yeah can you sign it so I can get credit for helping the community?" Ya know? Oh well. I'll have to get over it. But it's due Friday so I should probably get those signatures ASAP. I should've done it this weekend, but I didn't. Ha.

Everything Happens So Fast

Ah! I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. I'll get back to it. I've just had so much on my plate. Driving, School, Theatre and now I have to fill out my NHS application and the weekend was busy with Halloween and stuff. But, I'm not complaining, I love it all!

This weekend was awesome. Seriously. Best Halloween ever. Another week ahead. And it's November! And it's my 1/4 birthday! (; And my dad gave me my poem today!! And, Miracle is still awesome! And Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close! And I get to see some of my family in 2 weeks! And I have all A's! (which hopefully it will stay that way.) And, I love GBC! and Mac Grill! (which, btw, no joke when Daddy and I went there today the sign had only Mac Grill lit up. Haha. Legit.)