Comments on "Over and Over again":
1. papa - 01/19/2010 9:35 pm CST

Bethany, you are great. Keep your focus on the cross.
You will do great in UIL and the relationships will come. Guard the words that come from your mouth to give honor to God.

Love you.

2. Taylor - 01/19/2010 9:45 pm CST

My fish's name is Abraham. Well, technically it's Carl Abraham the Third, but I call him Abraham.

3. Molly - 01/20/2010 3:02 pm CST

Praying for ya, sista!!!!

4. Dad - 01/20/2010 8:30 pm CST

So proud of you, sweetie. I love you

5. MaMa - 01/21/2010 3:37 pm CST

Beth: as I read thru Proverbs every month I try to watch for repeated words, of course wisdom but tongue/mouth/our speech is another one to watch.. choice silver, brings forth wisdom, brings healing, and a tree of life. Praying for you.

Fish Paul, sweet.

6. papa - 01/28/2010 7:18 pm CST

How's Paul doing?

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