"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

Boo :)

This kid was in the only UIL play that I watched. I kept thinking the whole time how cute he was, then he ended up standing next to me when getting our awards. Then he shook my hand and patted my shoulder! Haha. And Jill got a picture of us! :)

... I'm not creepy.

Junior Year

The Year of:
A ABS- Lyons!!
B Being broke
C The Coneheads
D Senior Directs
E Essays essays essays
F My two new fish!
G connecting everything back to Gilmore Girls
H Health class ;)
I Impulse trips to Blockbuster
J stupid Judges
K Kayak anology
L Learners Permit :/
M Miracle!
N NHS cult
P Piano Practices
Q Quoting Miracle speech/ That Thing You Do/ LOTR/ Remember the Titans/ Dead Poets Society over and over.
R Rides with Beth Wiebe!
S Soccer games!
T Drama Club Treasurer!
U My first UIL show :)
V Mrs. Grabstald vs. Mrs. Raz ;)
W "Who does that?"... and everything else Mrs. Red did/said
X Xtremely obnoxious girls in my dance class.
Y "You're Walking Home!"
Z Lack of Zzzzz. (I have no idea)

Summertime is finally here now!

I've been waiting for this since August. And each month has made me want it more and more. So, I guess I'll talk about the year.

All in all, it was a good year. It had a lot of bad times, but for the most part, I think it was real good.

1st Period Health
Not as bad as I thought it'd be. It was fun at times, but mostly boring. We watched a lot of good movies. And I had people to keep me occupied. ;)

2nd Period English
A really good class. It was hard and kicked my butt all year, but I learned so much. I am so much better at writing and organizing than I was when I came. Mrs Grabstald is an awesome teacher, really. And I met Kari in that class. :)

3rd Period Dance

4th Period APUSH
I liked the class. It was easy. It wasn't my favorite class because I didn't have very many friends in there. But, it wasn't a super hard class. I'm glad it's over though. And, sadly, I do miss the laptops. I have nothing to watch movies on anymore. ;)

5th Period Theatre
Awesome. I'll have one more year of this class. So, don't have to say goodbye to it yet.

6th Period Physics
I'll miss the people. I'm so glad it's over. But I did enjoy it. I met a lot of friends in there and will miss it a lot.

7th Period PreCal
You have no idea how much I am going to miss this class! Like seriously. It was the funnest class ever. And Mrs. RED is awesooommmee. She was my favorite teacher (besides Koern) this year.

This year I became more social. Hahah, but with the same like, 10 people. Which, isn't a bad thing. I'm so excited to be a senior!

Things to do this summer:
-LICENSE (My goal is JULY)
-Find a job. (I'm not giving up... I'm going to apply to Ruckus Room.)
-Hang out with people I want to hang out with multiple times.

But, yeah. Summer has been awesome so far!