"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

Spring Break!

It's finally here!! This is going to be a fun, relaxing week. I'm excited. :) Then on Saturday we have rehearsals for UIL. Then next week is UIL week. ahhh! But I'm real excited for it too. :)

So, I'll briefly talk about Lucien.
It was awesome! We got to miss 5 periods and ate a La Madeline for lunch. Mhhhhmmm.
So we performed at 8, and I think that performance was a pretty good one. It was the first time we performed under 40 minutes. So that was exciting!! Then from 9-11 he basically ran over scenes. For me the only things he 'fixed' was my first entrance. He wanted the pace and rhythm be different from the scene before. So that was cool. Then he talked mainly about feeling what your talking about. Instead of just talking about it. You know? So he gave me some tips on substituting each moment. Which, I'm still working on. He also told me to bake a pie. So I could really know how to bake a pie. So I did. It was delicious. :) I think I'm getting closer to crying, but... I'm not where I want to be yet. I don't know... it's sooo hard. It's not hard to cry. It's just hard to cry at the right moment. In the moment. You know? But, I mean... I have to get there. So I'll figure something out.

The play since then has been getting better. We have our bad days. And our good days. I feel bad whenever I have a bad day. Because, I don't know it's not that I'm not trying. Cause I feel like I try every time (or at least go in with the intention to try), but sometimes I just get messed up and thrown off and it's bad. She starts ending the show early if we get close to the 40 minutes (like 39:50 she'll stop if we're done or not) and that's discouraging. Because the last moment is a big moment... and if we don't get to it, the whole show loses it's power I think. But, we have been getting under 40 most days... I believe. Or at least 3 times. Ahhh... but we need to do it EVERY time. You know. The only thing I'm really nervous about at the moment is the rules of UIL. There are so many rules.. I'm freaking out. Like, we have to set up in 7 minutes, strike in 7 minutes. If you leave any props anywhere you're disqualified (thankfully we don't have very many) and if you go over 40 you're DQ. We haven't really practiced setting up or striking. We have our assigned pieces to move... we just need to set up in time. But I think it's possible, it's not a hard set. I think we'll practice this next week... but it's hard. There's also stupid rules of how to use the set and all this technical stuff... I just am one of those people that won't be comforted until I know we have it sorted out. I worry about these things. Ha.

Our CF soccer team made it to playoffs!! I'm so excited. I hope I'll be able to go to a couple. The first one's one UIL night so I know we won't be able to go to that. :( I missed the last game because I was taking the SAT the next morning, which was senior night. And apparently one of the boys was going to the us for coming to all the games. Ha. But, it's okay.

The SAT wasn't as bad as I expected. It actually was not that long. You know? I mean I was there for like... 6 hours or so. But, it didn't feel forever. I got a little tired because I had like 3 reading sections in a row... but for the most part I wasn't dying. I brought water, mints, and a bunch of snacks to eat during the breaks. And I think I did well. I finished all of the sections and only left 4 blank. I didn't finish my essay... but I was in the conclusion, so I think it'll be okay. And I used Herb Brooks in my essay. ;) But, all in all I feel good about it.

On Saturday I went to El Gallo with Eliza. And then we went to Connie's and then to Target. Then she came over and we played soccer in the backyard and sat on the trampoline and talked. It was fun. :)

I'm going to go shopping this week to hopefully get a new bathing suit and a dress for the awards ceremony for UIL. It's going to be a good spring break. :)


Well it's really late so I'll post the details later... but, Lucien went great! He is so awesome! And he had some really good points. UIL is in 20 days... ahhh!! I'm so excited for everyone to see it though. Really. :)