"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

I'm Failing at Posting Again

Sorry. Nothing has been really post worthy yet. The play is moving along, we have two weeks. Ahhhh! I went with Mama to go look for some heels. I got two. Hopefully they will work! I'm really scared to buy like anything though, just cause I'm not like super familiar with the era, so I'm not sure if they are correct.. but I don't think they have to be perfect. Just nothing that says "woaah! No" or something. Piano is going fine. I'm not really stressed about it. But I am stressing out how I'm supposed to deliver my lines (Loud enough) and play at the same time. Not as easy as it looks. Rachmaninoff is super hard though! Ha, I have like the first couple measures down but in a speed that is a million times too slow. And I'm still a little shaky. We'll see though. ABS is fun and it's growing! Which is good. It's weird being pretty much the oldest there. (There's like, no seniors.)

Anyways, that's pretty much all that's going down this weekend. Molly came this weekend! That was fun. This weekend went by sooo fast though. It's crazy. I only have one more Saturday to take the practice PSAT. Then I get a break and the real one is October 14. It's a lot harder than it sounds to get a 217. It's pretty much like getting perfect score except for missing like 3 problems. But, I'm trying.

Quick Post Before Bed

I forgot how busy the school year is. And it's not even homework or the actual school. I think i've spent an hour to 2 hours on homework each day and don't even do it till like 8 o'clock. But, every day I've had something that keeps me out till 8. ABS, piano, theatre rehearsals,going to eat dinner, hanging with family. And when I'm at home I pretty much want to be glued to the piano to practice my stinkin' songs that I can't stop stressing about!! Hopefully things will get more into a routine, but I feel like I'm always heading somewhere else.

On Tuesday we went out to eat with Mama, Papa, the Davises,and 3 of Mama and Papa's friends from Ukraine. (I don't know their names). It was so awesome just to get to observe them and talk to them! They took pictures of everything and love America so much. It was so cool to see them fascinated by the littlest things. And they got on the Russian version of facebook! haha, it was cool. I really want to go back!!

I really love this year a lot better than last year. But, some aspects are weirder. Like, I liked my schedule last year. (Not the actual classes, but the way it ran and the people in my classes.) I loved Algebra 2 and hate PreCal. US History is sooo better though. Dance is okay. (We finally did something today, haha.) I just haven't been stressed about school at all yet. But I don't have that many classes with my really good friends. But theatre is awesome still! And the play is going to be so good! (I want all of you to come!) We just have a lot to do in little time. Ahh.

I am going to Dallas tomorrow to see my family! Woohoo!!

My Dream Last Night

was pretty much the most awesome dream I've ever had! (Although it had it's weird aspects).

It started off when Andrew had a party at our house and a bunch of his friends came and they were all doing bad stuff (normal party stuff.. ya know?) And then it jumps in time (I think I was older but not really? Ha it's hard to explain) and I'm married, pregnant and me and my husband met Michael Jackson. (The weird part.) But we met him like 4 times because for some reason my husband was obsessed with him and he was just having a meet and greet but like no one came so we kept getting back in line. Ha. But I just remember my husband being the coolest person I've ever met (probably why I married him.. haha) so I was a little disappointed when I woke up.

I'll post about my day tomorrow because I am tired and haven't done any homework.

Oh, and be praying that I will have a lot of time to practice piano for the play. Cause I haven't had like any time yet.