"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

1st Week of School

Well, I've survived my first week! I'm going to tell you about what I think after a week of school now.

1. Scholars
Well, scholars is scholars. Nothing new there.

2. English 3 AP
It stinks because all we've done is watch a movie in class so I have a mindset that this class is going to be easy and stress-free. But that will not be the case. So we shall see. My teacher isn't as bad as people have said so far, but she talks a lot. She goes off on all these tangents and it's really boring. But, maybe when we buckle down she'll talk less? But we watched Miracle which has become my second favorite movie of all time! (Right behind LOTR) I recommend it to everyone!

3. Dance
Like English, we haven't done anything. But I know this class isn't going to be stressful. It just won't necessarily be fun. But I've met some girls that I've just been hanging out with, so that's good.

4. US History AP
Definitely better than WHAP! By far. And I feel like I've already improved in note-taking and studying. Ms. Hoover rocks and she likes me already. Ha. She is always asking me about Molly and Andrew. Hah. It hasn't been hard yet, but I'm sure it'll get harder. But I'm excited for it.

5. Theatre 3
is and will always be awesome! We've just been going around saying our strengths and weaknesses but it's been fun. And rehearsals start Monday so I'm excited!

6. Physics
Kinda boring. We've done two easy labs and that's it. But I think it'll be easy and I'll like it.

7. PreCal
I don't think I'll like it. It's easy but Algebra 2 was so much better!! My teacher is okay.

I need to buckle down and get my mind ready to take on hard classes because right now everything has been really easy. Well, wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, I got my permit!!

Good Things and Bad Things

I got a part in the play! I'm Olga! Haha. And it's a pretty good part. As in it has a lot of stage time (not a looot of lines but whatevs), but the thing about it is... she plays the piano.

And here is when the fear kicks in. I am playing piano live. No biggie, right? Well, I looked up the songs I have to play... and there is like 7 classical songs. Ahhhhh. I don't have to learn them all... but I have 5 weeks to learn a good amount of 7 songs. And I listened to some of them... and they are fast! And I have to play it live. And I don't know if I'm going to do it. I'm going to have to... because I'm not going to just give up... but, I am already nervous and freaking out.

God is funny. I really prayed that he would give me a part to let me shine... and I get the girl who is always playing the piano. I don't know if I can do it. But, somehow, I'm going to have to.

I stink at cold readings.

And that is why I hate auditioning! We had callbacks today. And I did fine, but I could've done so much better... you know? I hope I make a good part. I find out tomorrow! Ahhh. I'm so nervous. I don't think I'll be able to sleep. ahhhh! (I am knocking on my head furiously.) Pray for me!

Stage Door

Tomorrow is the first audition for this school year. The play we are doing is Stage Door and it's about a bunch of women in a home in New York trying to make it in the show business. It's a comedy and I really want a part! I practiced my monologue in front of my parents and they seemed please... so we'll see. Just pray for me tomorrow and I will tell you if I made callbacks! (I know I can do it... I mean, I've done it before. I'm just really nervous.) There are so really cool characters and I hope I get a part! I mean, I really want a part... but I really want a good part. It doesn't have to be the lead... but I want it to be a good enough part that I have time to shine on stage. Ya know? And I want to really love my character. Just get so into it... cause that's when I do best.

Wish me luck!!

First Impressions

Before I go on to that, let me talk about this summer.
Things I've done this summer:
-I got a job.
-Shawn&Tamara's Wedding
-Fiesta Texas
-Party in San Antonio

Ha, that's it. I don't have much to report about this summer. It was a good one. It went by quickly. But it was good.

But on to my first day...
1) Scholars- Mrs. Rasmussen
I mean, this class wasn't knew since I had the summer program. I'm sitting by Kaily, Morgan, and Hillary. And the kid in front of me is really annoying. I don't want to sit behind him. I mean, I know that sounds mean. But it's an immature rude annoying. I'll have to try hard to be patient with him.

2)English 3 AP- Mrs. Grabstald
(I think that's how you spell it.) She seems nice. But she's the teacher that everyone warns you about that you don't want. I've heard she's really mean and really hard. I kinda saw signs today of that happening, but she seemed nice. So, we'll see. But I can already tell this class isn't going to be my favorite. But, I have some friends in there so I'll be fine.

3)Dance 1/PE- Benotti
God answered my prayers!!! Madison Stacy is in my class! I was so relieved when I saw her. We don't ever talk much, but I've known her since 6th grade so we decided to stick together. She's really nice and we pretty much talked the whole period cause our teacher didn't even say welcome or anything. As far as the class goes, I'm going to have to try hard to enjoy it. I've heard the teacher is real mean and strict and I've just heard horror stories about the class. So we'll see! I can't say my first impression on it cause we didn't do anything today. There are a lot of freshman, but I think it'll be okay.

4) US History AP- Hoover
I think I'll like this class. (Although, I said that about WHAP.) But it seems so much better. Mrs. Hoover rocks, and we get test corrections, and I took my first notes today and they were so much better than powernotes! (even though I pretty much took powernotes except not as structured.) Mrs. Hoover knows I'm a Roberts and already used Andrew as an example. Lol, she said that he disagreed with everything she said but that's just what he does and he had good reasons to back himself up. Ha. So, I think she already likes me. Ha. And I think it'll be a good fun class. It's small.

5) THEATRE!!!- Koern
My savior! This is the only period I'll look forward to. It's awesome! But it went by so fast today. It's okay. And I'm going to just hang out in there for lunch, so it'll be cool. I love it. A lot. Wish me luck on my auditions on Wednesday! I really really really really wanna make a part. Ha, I already know this class will rock.

6) Physics K- Raju
My teacher seems really nice. She has a really thick accent (I think she's from India) so it'll take some getting used to, but it's okay. I know a lot of people in the class, thankfully, and I think I'll like physics. I mean, I won't hate it. But, yeah, I think it'll be cool.

7) PreCal- Reddington
I don't know about this class. It seems kinda hard. But we'll see. My teacher seems nice... but it was soooo boring in class. I jut wanted to die. But, it was the first day of school. Even though we pretty much started right off with a lecture like we'd been in school for months.

I'm going to try to make the best of this year. I hope it's good. Only 177 more days! (Ha, that's what the principal said on the announcement.)

Sorry this post is kinda just brief, its 9 o' clock and I still have some stuff to do. (Like get my monologue down... which I'm kinda not sure if I want to do anymore?)


I'm not really in the mood for posting anything. I'll post tomorrow about summer and my first impression of junior year. Wish me luck!!

Promotion Sunday!

I am officially a junior. Wow. Tonight I'm going to post a farewell summer kinda post. Then I'll post about my day tomorrow.

I did change the theme of the blog. (Not that there was much a theme before.) I may change it again (it'd be along the same lines), and I want Daddy to help me with a layout. (again-nothing too different, just like a picture in the background or something.)

LOL, I already have my theme planned for when I go to college. So hopefully I'll keep this blog until then. But, for now, enjoy.

My Day at the DPS.

(I was going to go with a more angry, harsh-worded title, but I have a fear that if I say anything bad about the government, they will hunt me down and shoot me or something.)

So, we were going to go around 11:30, but mom called and said the computers were shut down and it would be a 2 hour wait. (which I guess would've been worth it... seeing as we didn't even get in later on.) So we went around 2:30 (why we didn't go earlier? I don't know.) The line is outside, but it's not too bad outside. I say in about 10 minutes or so, we are inside. Then on to the long twisted line to the information desk. (which only 2 people are working, so it's not going fast.) It didn't take that long, we got there around 3:30-3:40, and I did my vision test (which I got confused cause the first thing was so blurry I didn't even realize there were numbers there! Then I figured them out and passed.) She signed it, gave us number 292 and sent us to wait for line 3 (which led around the corner into a place I couldn't see.). And in the whole time we had been inside, they had called like 3 numbers. And they were at 370ish. And it was 3:40ish. But, we had hope. We kinda expected it to go quickly... but the line did not move! And that is not an exaggeration. And every 20 minutes they'd come and call like 3 numbers. It was ridiculous. Then around 4:30 the cop came and said that they would shut it down 10 till 5 and unless you were in there at that time, you would not be able to take the test. So we had to get "processed in" (I don't know what that means.) She wrote on our paper, "line 3 pass". So, we can just come and hopefully just get in line. We'll have to see when we get there. So we'll probably go on Wednesday (cause it's open till 7 then.) Wish us lots of luck and prayers!!

2 more days at work. Tonight was busy. 75+ orders. (It was a little under 75 when I left, but I'm sure we got at least 75 at the end.) So I guess that was Day 3 of The Year of Bethany.

The Year of Bethany: Day 2/3

Technically today is day 3, (well, I guess technically it doesn't for real start till Monday... or tomorrow when Andrew leaves. I don't know.) but I'm going to tell you about yesterday (day 2).

Yesterday me and mom went shopping. We started at Old Navy which was unsuccessful and stressful. (We were looking for jeans but we couldn't find any I liked in my size. And I'm really picking about my jeans, but my mom has a real different view on them.) So we gave up and went to Campionis to eat pizza. That was good as always, and then we went to Gap. Where I went in and just grabbed a bunch of stuff to try on. So I tried on this shirt and decided to get it. Then I tried on this dress that was cute but not really worth it. Then i tried on a pair of jeans that I really liked. And another that mom liked better. So we got both. And I bought the shirt. And it was buy one get one free (for shirts) so we picked out a button up one that was really cute, but it wasn't included in the BOGOF so we just picked out a solid blue tee. Which is nice. But it was so stressful at that point cause we tried on like 5 different things to get another shirt but none of them were good and I was tired of trying on things and mom would just be like "...if that's what you want." and I was like, "if you don't like it then we won't get it." But we finally left. We went to the mall next and we stopped into Ann Taylor Loft. We tried on some jeans and some kacki ones that were cute, but too tight. Then we tried on this pair that was a compromise of what I like and what mom likes, so we got it. Then we got this really cute shirt that was button up and flowery (which I think will be my first day outfit.) And there is this jacket there that I want to go back and get in September with this coupon we got. We went to Banana Republic, but didn't get anything there, and American Eagle where Blake got some stuff, and Aerie where I got two bras and forever 21 but we didn't get anything there. It was a pretty successful trip, I'd say. Now I have 4 pairs of jeans! and 3 new shirts that I'll wear.

This morning I went to my drama club officer meeting. It was fun. And this afternoon I'm going to the DPS to get my permit!!! (Hopefully.) And then I have work tonight. (Countdown till last day: 5 days. 3 days of work left. 2 of which will be spent training Victoria (if she works out!) which will be fun.) And then tomorrow I have park day, and might make a run to Target with my friend for some stuff! Then Church on Sunday, and then school on Monday! (Ahhh.)

The Year of Bethany: Day 1

LOL, jk.

Today Molly left for college. I feel like I didn't get to say goodbye... I mean I woke up and hugged her for like 10 seconds, and then she left. So, it was weird, but it's okay. And we'll see her in 2 weeks. I don't think that fact has hit me though, because I feel like I'll never see her again. Ha. But I mean, with Andrew, once he came back it felt like he never left. So it'll be okay. I hope you're doing good Molly. I love you and miss you and want to here from you!

But today I went to Mama and Papas house and we played Settlers of Catan twice (and I won twice!) and phase 10 dice. We had lunch and smoothies and it was a nice time.

Work yesterday was good, it was really slow though. I feel bad. Even though I know it's not my fault it's slow, I just wish I could be able to make the business be better. I'm crossing my fingers for Victoria, who is going to replace me. She is going in tomorrow to train I guess and I really hope it'll work out and I'll train her on Sunday and Tuesday will be my last day. I'm real excited about that.

I'm not worried about school. I know I'll dread it once it comes, and I'll be wishing summer could last forever, but I'm not worried. I'm not thinking about it and wishing that time would stop or anything, I'm just enjoying my last days (which are jammed pack I don't know if I'll have time to breathe!) Although I have been having dreams and subconcious anxiety about the first day of school. In my dreams nothing goes right and I am always confused and lost. I really hope that's not the case.

I am super excited about this year. I'm excited for this new adventure with just Mom, Dad, me and Blake, and I know it'll be good. I'm excited for theatre and really really really hope that I'll have great opportunities there. I'm excited for ABS and for getting my permit (Friday!!) and for new friends I'll make and seeing old friends again. (Some I feel like I've never left.)I'm excited about piano and hopefully getting a lot better! I've decided that I'm going to blog more, but I don't know how committed I am to that yet. I'm really excited about this new Bible Reading Plan I started this morning (thanks to Mama), I think I'm ready, and I don't think I've ever been so excited for life before. I hope that is a good thing and not just emotion.

I'm dreading tomorrow.

For some reason, ever since Friday, I just haven't wanted to work. At all. I mean, I know part of the reason... but I know I shouldn't worry about that, but I just don't want to work anymore. But, I'm trying not to dread it. And tomorrow is Molly's last day so it's going to stink having to work.

I think I'll post a little later. I just don't want this week to end and I have so much to do.

It's PayDay!

My favorite day! (:

Well, I think I am officially not working for the school year. I kinda thought that maybe I could do it, but with Theatre, ABS, ministry night, piano... work would just be another thing to make my days long and to get me behind and it would be difficult to work out a good schedule. I may have found a replacement, and hopefully it'll work out! I'm talking to Wasim tonight about her and hopefully the schedule will be okay. And then I can train her for a couple of weeks and be off. It'll be sad, but it's the best. He said if he ever needs me he would call me and I could come in... which I think I'll do. So everyonce in a while I'll come in and help, which would be nice. So wish me luck on getting a good replacement!

Life is Beautiful

You know what I realized? I actually like reading slow. I always try to read a book as fast as possible to feel cool and good about myself, but it leaves me empty. Especially if it's a really good book, it leaves me wishing that the book is longer, so I could enjoy it longer. I like slowly taking in each page and each word and re-reading favorite parts and staying up late when every one else is asleep to read.

So that's why I read slow.

So Close!

I'm halfway to getting my permit! I just need to study for 3 more hours and then I can go take the test. I'm kinda nervous about the test, because it seems very specific, but hopefully I'll do fine and then I can get my permit and can start driving! Woop! I may actually have it by the end of the summer, which was my goal. But I kinda wanted it sooner so I can start driving places and stuff, but still.. it's okay. I'm going to study tonight at work.

Birthdays Rock!

My birthday was AWESOME! Thanks to everyone who made it awesome. (:

In this world, but not of the world.

I like the times in the morning when you are the only one up. It's very peaceful. Last night was probably the worse night of all. And, of course, my dream was about my birthday. (Which has been the subject of my dream for the past couple nights.) And it's finally here. I just wish I won't let it just pass. I'm praying that today I won't be anxious the whole day, so hopefully I can relax a little.

But, back to the point of the blog, I don't know... something that's been on my mind lately. Someone else said it, but maybe a lot of people have said it. I'm thinking Mark Howell, but I could be wrong. But they said that we need to be in the world, as in not just closing ourselves out and going out and loving the world, but not of the world. Don't have a wordly mind set and do the things the world loves. That is something I struggle with, which I think everyone struggles with. But just staying detached from the world. It's hard since the world is everywhere. And if you don't think like the world, the world says your close-minded or too sheltered or whatever.

I mean, I know I was raised in a home that was more sheltered than others, but I'm okay with that. I think my parents did a great job at sheltering us without being those wacky parents that don't let the kids do anything. But, why is it if you don't go out and destroy your life and you have morals that everyone things there is something wrong with you? Why has bad become good?

I was reading in Isaiah today and it was a chapter that talked about Jesus (or, I'm assuming.) It talked about him being persecuted by practically everyone but then taking on the transgressions of everyone. And I realized that we will be persecuted in the way people view us and how it affects them towards us, you know? And we will be teased and ridiculed for not going to party's or drinking and be called sheltered or 'goody two shoes' or whatever they call us, but we can't be of the world. We have to love the people in the world and reach out, but we can't love the world and the things of the world.

I know I'll mess up on this time and time again, but it's good to be reminded.