"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

Sorry for the lack of post.

I've been kinda out of things to say lately. (Big surprise.) I got an 87 on my WHAP test. I think this time the bonus was only 5 points... making it an 82, which is still good. It's just, a lot of my friends got A's, so I'm a little disappointed. It's still good though.

Other than that- schools fine. Things are fine. Mama and Papa come in less than 2 weeks!! Which means that Summer is so close!! I can do it... I can do it...

But, that also means AP tests. Ah. I don't think I'm going to stress myself out about them- at least not the Spanish one. I probably will, but... I don't want to.

I've been kinda hard on myself lately.I don't really like that. I've just been really disappointed because things are awkward with one of my friends right now and we barely talk... which really stinks.

Oh, I do have something to say! UIL was on Friday (For theatre. I was not in it. But I did tech and I cam out and supported them.) In our zone was Cy Falls, Woods, Springs, Fair, and Jersey Village. I missed the Woods one but I saw the rest of them. Springs did a comedy called, "Bathroom Door". They are new to this with a new director, so it wasn't the best. It was cute, but it's not my kind of comedy. Falls did a play called "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot". It was really really really good. Major props. And I fell in love with the guy who played satan (LOL, I know.) But he did really good. Which is funny cause he was only on stage for like 10 minutes at the most... and he ended up winning best actor, but he deserved it. We did Paganini and it was AWESOME. No joke, it was soo good. I was so proud of everyone. And Jersey Village did "Diviners" another good one. The main character was a Freshman who looked like he was 10 hah. But he did good. Anyways, we didn't advance which was so upsetting. But, it's okay. Woods and Falls advanced. So everyone was disappointed but everyone did so good. I was real proud. It's sad to have to end though.


I really love Isaiah.

chapter 24:
4 The earth dries up and withers,
the world languishes and withers,
the exalted of the earth languish.

One thing I know: God does not fail or fade away.

A post I never posted.

I wrote this before I got my braces off, but never finished it. I decided I should just post this anyways.

I am getting my braces off on Wednesday! So close!
So, I decided to put down the major things that happened in my life while wearing braces.

-Started highschool.
-Got my first callbacks
-Made my first highschool play
-Made my first CAPA play
-Got a speaking role in a highschool play
-Went out of the country for the first time
-Rode on a plane for the first time
-Visited Ukraine
-Went to the Black Sea
-Got second in my class
-Went on a cruise
-Played the Wicked Witch
-Was on video team at church!
-Made the band (for a while)
-First HS camp!
-Got my first cell phone!
-Broke my first cell phone
-Got my second phone (my fave. oh how I miss it)
-Lost my second phone
-Got my third phone! (hehe)
-Got recommended for newspaper and accepted.
-Got an A on a WHAP test (that's a big accomplishment.)
-Went to a Jonas Brothers concert (LOL).
-Went to the Hannah Montana rodeo.

... and there have been more. But those are just the ones that I could think of at the top of my head.

Looking Back...

I'll post a little about SA tomorrow. Not much to report, it was fun, but not many stories to tell.

But, on Thursday, Grandma had gotten out her scrapbooks of her life. Blake was not excited to be forced to look through them, but I found them so interesting! I so wish I had been born in the 40's in a small town like Potter. And every picture looked like those pics you see on cards with the kids. It was so beautiful. I love seeing how people grew up and where. I love pictures in general, and wish these days that we didn't take taking pictures so lightly. I wish every picture was as beautiful as the ones in the scrapbook. And, Grandma had been in a lot of plays in highschool. I did not know that. And, there was a review on one she was in and she got some really good reviews. So maybe that's where I got my acting love/talent from. (; It's so cool to see how far people have come through pictures. Seriously.

Just a couple of things I wanted to say...

Once you choose your path, whatever path it may be, you are going to be close-minded. So, you can't use that as an excuse why other paths are wrong.

It really bugs me when people go out of their way to say they don't like people or music or movies or whatever. Like, I don't like rap music, but I don't post bulletins or blogs or put on my profile that I hate rap music and anyone who likes rap music is stupid. And who are you to say what good music is? I mean, who says your music is the good music, what if your taste is really a bad taste and mine is good? And obviously they are doing something right, if it's gotten them where they are today. You don't have to like them, but you don't have to be so against them either.

Home again.

From San Antonio! It was a real nice week!

I deleted like 3 blogs. Just in case for some reason you went back to look at my blogs, I just... really hate talking about myself. In the way that I share my feelings. And I hate looking back at what I've written to see how stupid I was. And no, I'm not saying this in a depressing way, it's just a fact about me.

"Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst." 1 Timothy 1:15

This verse is a good reminder for when I tend to put myself on a pedestal.


It is Spring Break! Finally! And, seriously, like... that means the school year is almost over!! And less than a month till Mama and Papa come!!

Thursday and Friday were really good days. I mean, not that the rest were horrible, but, for some reason, those days just really were good days. Thursday I did a scene in Theatre and I played Gollum, and everyone loved it. Mrs. Koern even said I did magnificent. (Direct quote). And, I got Spaghetti for lunch! Which was exciting. And Carmel curled my hair with this really awesome curler and it looked really good. Ha, I was excited. And Friday was good just because it was Friday. Haha, and even though the weather was HORRIBlE, I still had a lot of fun. And the paper came out, but there was a lot of drama with that. Haha, but everything is good now.

So yeah, I'm excited about Spring Break!

Another Week...

Sorry all my posts have been really short. I never really have anything to say, if you haven't noticed.

This weekend was another awesome weekend, and I did get things done. Kinda. LOL, but I got all the stuff that is due tomorrow done. I have late night for newspaper tomorrow and Tuesday, which will not be that fun. But, gotta do what you gotta do. And, I found my straightener that I lost sometime last year!!! I was excited about that!!

This week we are going to sign up for next years schedule, and this is the first year that I am iffy about what I am going to take next year. I pretty much know my schedule, but I am not sure if I really want to take what I have in mind. And I'm kinda freaking out about it, well, not yet, but slowly I'll start freaking out. I just need to remember not to worry (what we learned today at church).

On that note, church was good today. Both messages were something that I always struggle with. So, I am working on that. I couldn't go to video team tonight because both cars were gone, which kinda stunk, but, I'm always happy when my day opens up. Now I need to go and do a little more homework. Goodnight!

One Week Down

One week to go till SPRING BREAK!!! I'm very excited!

...I actually don't really have anything to say.

It's the weekend!

The Hard Part is Over.

For the most part of school.

I am really excited about this six weeks. It's going to be pretty chill. And in WHAP, we have very little powernotes!! Wooh.

Except for AP test's... those are going to be really stressful.

I love TAKS.

Well, it's a love-hate relationship. I love the fact that it's easy and there is no homework and stuff. But I hate taking it. And I hate wasting time. Which is what I've done all day.

But, the point of my blog is that this year I haven't had much time for reading. Because I always have something to do/ or a book in English to read. But no pleasure reading. I've been pretty much on the same page of The Return of the King since summer ended. But, I don't know, recently I've been in a real big mood to read. I really really want to expand my horizon of books, and I have a huge mental list of all the books I want to read. I just need to finish The Return of the King. Ha.

And, today my friend reminded me how much I love to write. I'm technically always writing in my head, but I haven't actually sat down and written a story or started one in a really long time. And I really miss it. But now I really really just want to write!

It's an exciting feeling.

Really Good Weekend

I haven't done like any homework!! So exciting.

I am just sooo tired and sore and sunburned.