"I ruined your picture- but I saved your life. "

I feel horrible.

I have insane allergies. And it really is just messing with my mood. And I have a WHAP test tomorrow. And I just am not in the mood to study.

This should be an easy/busy weekend.

..Oh, and I got my braces off.

I Love My Family!

Recently, I've been reminded of just how much I love my family. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that they are always here for me and that when I am at home, I can feel safe. So, I just wanted to say some things about my family:

Dad: You are the best dad in the whole wide world. And that is not just because you are my dad. You have so much wisdom and I love listening to what you have to say. You can always make me smile. I do love talking to you, and I wish I did more often, so don't think I don't. I appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me, and you do so much, and I love you so much. Thank you for being so faithful to me and the family and God. Thank you for raising this wonderful family. I love you!

Mom: You are wonder women! You are so strong, smart, funny, and loving. I know it must be so hard to do what you do, but you make it look easy. Thank you for everything, and I do like all your coupons (;. Thank you for loving me and the family and for always being there when I need it. You are seriously the greatest women I know. We should go to Campionis sometime soon!

Andrew: I miss you! You are the greatest big brother ever. You are so strong and so wise, and it's awesome to see how far you've come. I am so glad that you are enjoying college, and love it when I get to see you. You are so funny and are so talented in all you. Thanks for leading the way for us siblings, and I can't wait to see how much you will grow in these next years. You really are an example to me, and I love you!

Molly: I don't know if you know this, and I know this seems like every other younger sibling, but, you are the person I wish most I was. Your passion, talent, beauty, smarts, lovingness is so amazing, and I look up to you in so many ways. I love you so much, even though I pick on you a lot. Don't ever change your ways, because you are beautiful just the way you are. I see God through you so much, and it is such an encouragement to me. You are so amazing at everything you do, and I know you will go far in life. I love you so much, and will really miss you when you leave.

Blake: You are so fun! I am so glad that you are my younger brother. I enjoy hanging out with you, and, believe it or not, I did like sharing a room with you. I love you so much, and you are so talented. Thanks for putting up with me when I wasn't in a good mood or when I yelled at you. You truly are an amazing little kid, and I am excited to see how much you will grow! I can't believe you are almost a junior higher! No longer a baby. (:

And, thankfully, I have wonderful grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncle! I truly love my family!

Mama and Papa: I love yall so much. Yall are always an encouragement! Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement yall have given me. I love yall and miss yall and can't wait for yall to come home! I am so blessed for yall to be my granparents!

Grandma and Grandpa: Yall are so cool! I love going to San Antonio and being able to hang out with yall. Thanks for playing with me and all the things you do for me and my family. Yall are so funny and nice. I love yall!

I'm still here.

I promise. I'll update soon. But, I am tired and still have a couple more things to do.

Here's a quick update:
I'm doing good. School is usually what puts me in a bad mood. Other than that, I am good. I know I say that a lot. But, I don't really know how to expand on this subject. And what I know I can say, I don't feel like putting on the internet. But I'll update on that more later.

I got a 70 on a SFA TAKS paper we wrote in English. I've never in my career gotten lower than a 3 or maybe 3+. I majorly get 4's. And I got a 2. 2- I believe. Bad of bad. And it wasn't a bad story. I thought I did good. I am just so upset about that.

Revolve tour was a lot of fun!! And in my future long post, I will expand on that.

Falling Behind.

I don't know why, but, I am falling behind in school. Not majorly, where my grades are suffering, but I just have so much to do and I keep getting behind in schedule. Everyday these past couple of weeks I've gone to school without homework finished and I've had to quickly do them so I can get my grade. And I just have so much to do. I'm behind on powernotes, my career essay, spanish, algebra. It's just so hard. (And don't tell me I put this on myself. Thanks, I know. It is still hard.)

I just need to get back on track. I just have to push two more weeks, then this six weeks is over.

Tuesdays Are Always Brighter.

Late Night is seriously the worst idea created by mankind ever.

But, whatevs. Today was better. Not so many things on my mind. But, I just hate making people upset. I can't stop thinking about that till I make it better. But, I had fun tonight. So, that cleared my head.

And, I layed-out pages! I was proud of myself!

I'll update more thoroughly whenever I am not so busy.

Mondays Put Me in a Funk.

I'm going to say something that I already know the response to.
"You are not alone."

But, sometimes, I just feel that no one understands me. Or, no one will just take in what I have to stay... instead of telling me I'm wrong or stupid or something.

I don't really feel good right now. And so many factors have contributed to my mood.

Ah, Fridays...

Friday was a really interesting day for me. Kinda scary/sad/mad/happy day, but definitely not boring. There are some things that I do not want to and will not go into, but I do want to tell you about some of the others.

So Friday started out normal. And Theatre was a lot of fun. We are starting this thing where we are directing scenes now. So when you are not directing, you are acting in someone's directed group. And so picking your groups is more difficult, because all the directors have to go into Mrs. Koern's office and argue for who they want. So they were in the almost the whole period, so while we waited, we played "Auska" (That's how I figure it's spelled, I could be wrong.) It's where everyone sticks their foot in the middle and someone is the Auska. And they say, "1 2 3 Auska!" And you jump out of the center of the circle, to where ever you want. Then the Auska has one chance to step on someones foot. And the person can only move when the Auska's foot is in the air. And if they don't get someone, they pass the Auska off to someone else, who then tries to step on someone else foot. It was a lot of fun! And we played that and also the grand piano was in theatre, so everyone wanted to play that too.

Finally everyone came out and announced their groups. I am in Claire's group, with Carmel and Kathryn. We are doing Little Women!! Which I am excited about.

Then, I go to Chemistry. And here is where the 'drama' kinda gets started. So you all know that I am in WHAP. And you've probably heard me, and if you know any other WHAPERS, talk about how hard it is. Which, is no lie. So, one of the WHAPERS made a facebook group for WHAP. Totally innocent. And this girl is really smart and doesn't cheat or anything. But she made it so all WHAPERS could kinda help each other out. Or really, just post notes that we take in class or talk about stuff. Help out with reviews for test. That kinda thing. And, then it went alittle far. Some people posted every answer to some worksheets and people were outright just copying them. And it didn't end with just the group. Some kids have powernotes groups where they only do some of the powernotes and then copy from the other people in their group. And some have bought binders from WHAPERS of the years before, and used the same rubrics, to get their grades.

But anyways, yesterday, in 3rd period, some of the 2nd period WHAPERS came in and were like, "Mrs. Lawrence blew up at us." And stuff. Because she found out about the group. (But, I think the group was the least she worried about. I think it was more the other ways people were cheating.) But, anyways, for the whole day, everyone was talking about it and worrying about it. And the creator of the group was so freaked out about everything. And she made us redo a worksheet that we had done before because we did so bad on it (But really, she only graded 3 before she decided.)

And a funny part is, one of the kids in newspaper is writing a story on it. Not on the fact that Mrs. Lawrence found out, but just the facebook group in general. I thought that was kinda funny. But, he is still publishing it and I mean, everyone will be okay. Because, she just said she knows what we are doing and stuff. (We as in the whole class, not we as individuals. In other words, she knows not everyone is cheating.) And she can't really punish people, because she doesn't know which and which are not cheating, although some of them are obvious.

But, once everyone got to 7th period, we all knew what she would say, so it was kinda awkward waiting for her to say what she wanted to say. It was a weird day, but, fun.

Now for the weekend! I have to study though. And read TOMATS.

My Personality.

According to MyRoad.com

"The Caretaker:
The Traditionalist
extraverting, sensing, feeling, organizing

ESFZs are organized, friendly, and caring. You enjoy being at the center of the action. As an ESFZ you like to help people in a practical manner, and especially to offer your assistance to those in need. You are very responsible in living up to your commitments and obligations, yet you may become burdened by taking on other people's problems and concerns.

You are good at coordinating activities for yourself and others, but this often entails assuming more responsibility than you can handle comfortably. You tend to neglect to ask for the recognition that you believe you deserve. You are extremely loyal to family, friends, and groups and institutions that are important to you. As a result, you expect that others will be as loyal in return. You prefer to avoid interpersonal conflict, but may end up in the middle of it when trying to help family members or others with their problems.

You are an enthusiastic, methodical, and responsible learner, who is quick to retain facts and details. You have keen administrative abilities and enjoy taking part in team, club, and community events. You excel at coordinating and scheduling activities relating to these groups events. You enjoy working on tasks that have a practical application and tangible results. You believe that it is important to follow rules and laws: this includes adhering to routines already in place and preferring to see traditions observed with little change. You have a tendency to worry about things that are beyond your control.

ESFZs are most often found in career fields where they can see positive, tangible results for their efforts and where there is a direct benefit to people. As an ESFZ you will be most satisfied and productive when you're involved in work that is efficiently organized and predictable. You are most interested in jobs that allow you to support the needs of people using your administrative expertise."

Sound like me?

I Love Days Like These.

I can't wait to live by myself. (I actually hope that never happens- I hope I get married shortly after college.) I mean, not because I am going rebellious and am hitting that stage where I hate my family, but I really love just having the whole house to myself. Today, I didn't really have the house to myself, Molly has been here, but I haven't seen her at all really. It's just so nice to be able to relax in quiet and play the piano without anyone having to hear.

I love days like these.