"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

- Nehemiah 8:10
New Years

Hey yo, it's 2017. I'm posting my goals and resolutions because a) one of my resolutions is to write everyday so I'M WRITING and b) I like sharing my thoughts with people and c) it's good to write things out; it makes things more official.

I split everything up into three categories: spiritual, career, and personal. In each categories are both specific, daily active goals and more abstract, idealistic visions for my life. Everything in these categories can be under the envelope for my "theme" this year.

My theme for this year and my desire is to have a soft heart and mold-able spirit. I want a soft heart towards God and towards people, and to being able to grow and change as I go forth in life. I know my goals and resolutions are lofty. I know I am slow to change and destined to fail. I just hope that I won't give up. That I'll treat every day as the new day that it is. That I'll keep trying to make small changes. And that I'll find ways to celebrate the small victories. And, above all, my prayer is that I'll continue to shake off the things that are not me and become more of who I am.

So, here are my 2017 Resolutions:

1. Read my Bible every day. Right now, my plan is to read one chapter from the Old Testament (starting in Genesis) and to read one chapter from the New Testament (starting in Matthew). I want to read the scripture with curiosity and with a soft heart. Willing to learn and to bend to the will of my God.
2. Pray everyday. I have recently begun to gather prayers from the Bible that speak to different desires for my daily life and long term goals. I want to continue to build upon that. I want to pray out loud the scripture and let that inform my own personal prayers. I want my prayers to be small but bold and mighty. I want to believe big things in my prayer life. I want to pray with a soft heart and bended knees (quite literally).

Long term:
1. Get back in a spiritual community. This will take time, but I hope to start right away. Hopefully by May I will be in community that encourages me and uplifts me. And that I'll have some new friends to lean on. That might be too ideal. And a little out of my control. But, I will try.
2. I want to desire God above all else. I want to seek Him first. I want to seek Holiness and allow God to change me. I want to seek consistency and faithfulness in my spiritual life (and, personal life as well).
3. I also wrote down "gain a spiritual backbone". I don't really know how to accomplish this -- but I want to be a person of conviction. I don't want to be easily swayed. I want to be secure in God that I stand firm on His rock and am not ashamed of His word.

1. Write every day. I want to focus on the two current projects I have. The first project, I want to start sending it out. The second project, I want to finally finish a freaking draft. I would like to have a specific time when I write every day, so I don't get in the habit of saying "I'll do it later". I want to plan my writing times.
2. Read more plays. Continue to grow my library of contemporary and classic works.

Long term:
1. Audition at least twice* a month (*I may increase this number)
2. Get a play read or produced this year.
3. Continue to revisit where I am (geographically) and if I want to stay or move locations.

1. Make my bed.
2. Learn to sleep better. I will figure this out even if it kills me.
3. Spend less time on Social Media. I might try to plan specific "social media times".
4. I want to have a Sabbath day. Probably on Sunday. Where I don't worry about working, but rest and do things that refresh me. And have fun.

Long term:
1. I want to broaden my understanding of the world. I want a more global worldview. I want to learn about other cultures, races, religions, and perspectives. I want to learn how to believe the same things for all people that I believe for myself. I want to have a soft heart for ALL people, even people I disagree with. I want to learn how to do this while also fighting evil.
2. Read 24 books this year. Half of which, I want to be written by people from other cultures, backgrounds, races, religions, and / or perspectives.
3. I want to be financially smarter. Make a good budget. Be frugile. SAVE!!! (I have a specific savings goal that I think might be possible).
4. Deepen the relationships with the friends I've already made. Make new friends.
5. I want to stop saying "like". I want to be more direct. Be more sure.

Lord, help me.


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Comments on "New Years":
1. Gma - 01/03/2017 7:36 pm CST

I'm impressed! Great goals!

2. papa - 01/03/2017 8:43 pm CST

Great goals. I will be praying for your progress in reaching these goals for yourself. Love you.

3. Granny in the Pew - 01/05/2017 6:09 pm CST

Love this Beth. a soft heart is good for all of us. Part of that is realizing what we've been given by God...it's called grace.

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