"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

- Nehemiah 8:10
Hipsters, Instagram, and Being Okay with Me

If you know me even a little bit, you probably know a couple things about me: I want not much more in life than to be a hipster and I care way too much about instagram. I try very hard to dress like, talk like, listen to the same music as, and take as good and artsy pictures as hipsters. I want my instagram account to appear in magazines for it's beauty and creativity.

But, I have come to realize that that's not me. In some ways, I am hipster-ish and I am artsy-ish, but I am not what I think I want to become. I have come to find a style that's my own, a personality that's my own, and a feed to reflect my uniqueness. And I'm becoming more and more okay with that.

I like my instagram account. I like it for what it's not. I like it for what it is. I like that I try to only post 4X3 pictures (because horizontal is the best) but every once in a while there is a picture worth posting that is not 4X3. I like that my instagram is mostly big group selfies mixed in with some "self portraits" that are usually as awkward looking as I am. I like that I still try to capture the beauty of every day things just because. I like that instagram is a highlight reel of my life. I am reminded enough about how mundane, boring, hard, and sad life can be. I don't need instagram for that. I need to be reminded more of the good parts that meant something enough to document. I like that I'm slowly accepting that sunsets will always be prettier in person but that it's still nice to take the picture.

I like that it's not a hipster account but it's also not a junior high boys account. (I'm still salty that they will, without a doubt, get more likes than me). I like that I don't have pictures of objects placed on my bed in a certain way to show my "study hour" even though we all know you weren't actually using all those items. I like that I don't feel the need to take pictures of my food. Or my coffee. I like that my account doesn't look like every other single account on instagram. I like that it has multiple colors and is not the same picture over and over.

If that's you, I like that. But, I also think we're more unique than we show through our instagram pictures. I like that I'm becoming more okay with not becoming what I've always wanted to become. And I like that every year I feel like I'm finding more and more who I am.

If this is angsty, sorry.


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Comments on "Hipsters, Instagram, and Being Okay with Me":
1. papa - 09/23/2015 5:56 pm CDT


I love because you are changing. You are not the little girl that used to scream as I chased you through our house playing giant. I loved that little girl and I love the young woman that you are today. You are changing and moving toward the person that God has planned for you. That is great! Guess what? Life is all about change as we mature in our walk with the Lord. What never changes is God's love for you. Continue to let Him change/mold you into His image that was planned for you before you were born. I don't have an Instagram account so that makes me a zero hipster. I am still proud to say I love you because you are Bethany. No one else can be you.

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