"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

- Nehemiah 8:10
Family Weekend!

I'm here in Molly's dorm just hanging out while Mom and Dad are going to a wedding. It's been a lot of fun so far!

Yesterday, we arrived around 10:30 and went to a brunch thing and talked to two of her professors (intro to business and freshman seminar) who had a lot of nice things to say about Molly. Then we went to the Football game and that was fun but it was sooooo cold. We left in the middle of the third quarter because it was cold and we were winning like 33 to 7 (final score was 54 to 20 I believe) and we went to eat at Luigi's with Andrew. Which was really really good. After that we went back to UMHB and hung out and met Jamie, molly's roommate, and Anna, her suitemate. They're both really cool and so we talked for a while and watched the Texas game. Then we went back to the hotel to get my stuff so I could stay with Molly since Andrew was staying at the hotel. And once we got back to the dorm we +Jamie went downstairs to watch Miracle! I love that movie a lot and it was a lot of fun! We watched it with subtitles which is cool because you catch a lot of things that you missed before. Sadly, like right as the final game was starting I was just resting my eyes for a few but fighting to stay awake. Then I started like dreaming but I could still hear the game in the background. Molly woke me to ask me a question, haha, but I missed the first goal they scored. So I was kinda sad, but I stayed awake through the rest and then we came back up to the room and slept.
Today we woke up, went to Molly's church Antioch. It was really fun and good. We met everyone from her lifegroup and Sarah and David and everyone else. They were really nice and fun. Then we went to eat at Taquerias. I liked their queso a lot, reminded me of El Gallo. And now we're here and hanging out.

This week is going to be a big week. Tuesday I have auditions and a APUSH test. So it's just hard trying to balance stressing out about auditions and stressing out about the test. (Even though I'm not really stressing out about the test... which is a bad thing). Then Wednesday I have the PSAT. And callbacks. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I don't know how I'm going to get a good night sleep when I'll be wondering if I made callbacks. And I don't know how I'll actually take the PSAT when I want to find out if I made callbacks. It's going to take a lot of prayer and determination. I'm shooting for a 217. Or somewhere close enough to get me commended. I know it's a hard goal, but it's better to shoot for it and not get it then not shoot for it at all. Thursday I'll find out if I got a part (and I'm hoping I will!) and so next weekend should be a nice one. Very relaxing. So... I'll just keep my eyes on Friday and push towards that.

The next play we are doing is actually going to be two plays. The first one is a 1 Act hour show or so and it is called The Final Dress Rehearsal. Sounds fun, and it's a comedy so hopefully it'll be funny. The next is scenes from a Midsummer's Nights Dream (the parts when some characters are putting on a play.) If I get a part, it'll most likely be in Final Dress Rehearsal, cause that is a cast of 13 girls and the other one is mostly guys. I really want to get a part, but for some reason I'm just worrying about it. Because, comedy is not my strong point. I mean, I can be funny at times, and I can make my class laugh in my scenes... but it's never really intentional. You know. I don't know if I can do a real funny part. I mean, I think I can, hopefully, maybe I'm just doubting my self. Well, Mrs. Koern knows what I can do and so I'm sure she hopefully knows I'm sorta funny. But it's also physical comedy. Which, I think kinda helps me cause last year I did a lot of physical stuff like playing Gollum and I did a lot of roles that required me to move. But, I am just stressing out about the audition. I can't find a good comedic monologue that allows me to be big. Because I don't just want to go in there and do a monologue that I'd be good at, but wouldn't show Mrs. Koern anything for the show. You know? So, I'm trying to find comedic monologues. But none of them are good. The ones I've found and liked are just kinda straight acting (which doesn't really help because she already knows I can act. So I need to show her I can do the roles she's casting for, you know?). And there is one that I found that I could do a lot with the blocking and is sorta funny but it sounds like one of those monologues you get from a cheesy teen monologue book. (Which she doesn't like. And, technically, she would prefer it to be from a play. And that monologue is from a play, or that's what is says, but not a very well-known one obviously. Which isn't a bad thing) So, I'm trying to decide what I should do. Should I do a monologue that doesn't really fit the exact play theme but is good written and acted-wise (hopefully, haha), or should I do a cheesyly written and hopefully acted well and sorta funny? I don't know. I mean, last year I got casted in Get Smart for doing a monologue that was on the dramatic side. But, it was a small part. Ha. So, maybe that's my problem. I'm doing monologues that get me into small parts. Not big ones. Gr, I don't know. It's stressing me out. I'm trying to call a friend and see what their doing, but I haven't really had time yet and there is not much service in here.

But, on a happier note, senior directs start in two weeks so hopefully maybe I'll get a good part! (good as in a character I'll enjoy.)


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