"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

- Nehemiah 8:10

I've been thinking about this a lot and it's been kinda bugging me. Where do we, as Christians, draw the line between loving for and wanting people to find Christ and just being judgmental and lowering our views on others? Because I want to share my faith and invite friends to church and I want them to come to know Christ but I don't want them to feel like they are just a project or goal I am working on. You know? Or that I just pity them. Where do we draw the line between saying that we hurt for them because they are lost and just condemning them to Hell? Because as a Christian, I want to love them and not see them differently but should I see them differently as someone in need? Or is that just judging them? Should we say that we feel sorry for them because they are going to Hell or is that too far? (I actually wouldn't really say that... but something that happened like that sparked my interest). Because to the world, if someone said that, they would be shocked and think that's so out of line, but should we also think that? Because I don't want to just be like "you're going to Hell" but, is it our job to say that? Or is it socially wrong?

I don't feel like I'm making any sense. But, it's just been bugging me.


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Comments on "Question":
1. papa - 10/07/2009 6:03 pm CDT

Bethany, great thoughts. Talk to your dad about this. He will give you good insight on this.
I will be happy to talk to you about this when we are together again.
Love you.

2. Molly - 10/07/2009 10:37 pm CDT

Well, if we really did genuinely LOVE our friends... we would not stop sharing the Gospel with them, and tell them that they ARE going to Hell if they aren't broken and saved by His grace. Because if we love them, we want them to be saved.

Of course, this is rather hard to apply :). I know exactly what you mean, and think about this a lot, too. My advice would be this: pray fervently for your lost friends, and pray that God would break your heart more and more for them. Because whenever your heart is truly BROKEN for those around you, you start to see them in a new way, as people who need Jesus. I mean, that sounds trite... but it's hard to actually grasp. Whenever your heart is broken for them, sharing the Gospel with them and living it out will come second nature. Just be honest with your friends. Be real to them; don't wait for them to come to church to hear about Jesus (because they may never come). And don't be scared! :) God has you, and wants to use you. In my opinion, again (and I'm constantly having to do this), the first step would be to pray for them, and that God would help you see them as He sees them... before anything outward can happen, inward change needs to happen.

Love you sister! Proud of you! :)

3. papa - 10/08/2009 3:24 am CDT

You sisters are amazing.
Love you both.

4. MaMa - 10/08/2009 6:34 am CDT

Beth: As you read the word more and more I think you will see better how to witness and what to say. Like Molly said prayer is always first and foremost. Look in the Gospels how often Jesus prayed and Paul prayed for those he had shared the Good News with. When our hearts are overflowing with the love of God and what He has done for us thru Jesus Christ it will flow onto those around us, witnessing will become natural our life will be a sweet aroma. Our mindset has to be different than the world in our actions, thoughts, and words. Praying God will give you someone you can walk closly with to share the truths of His word.

5. Dad - 10/09/2009 7:40 pm CDT

All the comments are so good. I have very little to add, other than that I know exactly what you're talking about. One of the toughest things about this is to be fully authentic with our friends, and not to have ulterior motives. That's why what's already been said is so good. You simply can't go wrong with prayer for and love for your friends, and allow God to open things up for you.

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